Roy Hobbs Pitching Lessons From A Maternity Ward

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“The Natural” was easily my favorite baseball movie growing up.

And it was more than just being drawn to the mythical, bigger-than-life Roy Hobbs who could blow it by “the Whammer” on 3 straight pitches and hit a game-ending 500 foot moonshot into the stadium lights…

And a bat named Wonderboy he carved from a tree out back that got struck by lightning when he was a kid.

That was part of it.

The purity of it.

Of a guy who makes mistakes, gets derailed…

And ...

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What I Learned From My “JERK” Teammate

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AHhh… spring is in the air, the MLB season is officially underway, and I’ve got the soundtrack from “The Natural” pumping in the background…

Makes me wanna get outside and throw the ball around!

Alas, those days are over…

So instead, on this fine spring day, I’m gonna share a little tidbit for maximizing your throwing program I picked up from my JERK teammate (at least that’s what I thought of him at the time).

It’s my freshman year at Northwestern, and I’m coming ...

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When NOT To Do A Full Motion Analysis

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So I worked with a new high school pitcher last night.

And normally with an initial session I’ll include a full motion analysis of his pitching delivery.

You know, to get a baseline, identify/establish anything he needs to work on…

But with this pitcher I let him know pretty early on that we would NOT be doing that.

Here’s why.

See, there are times for a formal motion analysis… And then there are times where it doesn’t make a lot of sense (and can actually ...

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