Belief-Based Pitching Success

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Your success in reaching your goals this year depends on ONE thing…

It’s a simple question, really.

And if you haven’t asked it yet, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. But get it right, and there is very little that can get in your way…

You’ll start moving closer to your goals almost automatically…

So here it is… one question:

What do you BELIEVE…

See, having goals is great. And I always recommend my pitchers get real clear about their goals this time of year. Set a big goal, something that will really get you motivated.

But all that goal setting doesn’t do any good if this one key ingredient is missing.

It’s like trying to make bread rise without the yeast…

The missing ingredient for your goals in 2015?

Your own BELIEF

What kind of pitcher do you want to be this year? Next year, and the year after that?

Do you think you have what it takes to…

  • Hit 90 MPH…
  • Play at the next level…
  • Get a scholarship…
  • Go on to pitch in the pros?

Great. Now do you really BELIEVE it with every fiber of your body?

Because you know what, you better.

You can’t just WANT it. You’ve gotta KNOW it’s gonna be so…

SEE it crystal clear in your mind’s eye. 

And, here’s a big part people miss… You’ve gotta believe you actually deserve it (because you do, dangit).

Otherwise, you’ll start finding ways to make excuses… You’ll start sabotaging your own success without even realizing it.

See, your negative, limiting beliefs are just as powerful as your positive ones. So beware…

Weed those negative beliefs out right now.

Get clear on things right now as we start the new year.

What do you want? What will it look like? How will that feel?

Start making it REAL in your mind until you believe it with absolute certainty.

And when obstacles come your way (and they will), view them for what they are.

A chance to assess, adapt, learn and grow… as you move onward.

You can do it.


Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,

Coach Phil

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