If you’ve followed my site, you know I’m a big on getting your hips into your pitching delivery. It’s something I talk about in two recent video lessons – here they are again if you missed them:

How Masahiro Tanaka gets his hips into his pitching delivery

Tips for learning to lead with loaded hips in your pitching motion

And working to stay loaded up and getting your hips into your delivery is great but a friend of mine, Josh Heenan, made an excellent point in the comments below the Tanaka post. Josh wrote:

“Many people do not possess the hip mobility to be able to get into that much hip internal rotation, which is something that can often be increased with dedicated joint mobility work. There are also genetic limitations…”

So to continue the discussion, I caught up with Josh the other day to address this issue in more detail. This video is a little different than previous interviews – it’s sort of a discussion / mini-webinar where Josh shares his screen and explains in detail why mobility is so critical for pitchers.

He also shares some great techniques for improving hip mobility and hammers home the need for assessment and individualization in a pitcher’s training program.

So check out the interview/webinar – Josh really knows his stuff!

[h3]Hip Mobility for Pitchers with Josh Heenan[/h3]

[hr] [h5]Josh Heenan – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Moore PT[/h5] website: JoshHeenan.com – great resource!

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Full disclosure: I do receive a commission if you buy Josh’s program through this link. I only endorse stuff that I truly believe in – I know how solid the program is and I stand 100% behind Josh and his quality as a coach.

So it’s that time of year… spring is around the corner, and guys are starting to get ready for the season. And one of the things this can mean for pitchers as they start increasing their throwing loads is sore arms…

Well the other day I caught up with Dr. Chris McKenzie, a strength coach and Board Certified Physical Therapist who specializes in training the overhead athlete.

In today’s interview Chris shares some of his best tips for keeping your arm strong and staying healthy this season and in the future.
He’s also got a great Free Videos Series detailing these strategies – you can find the link to that below the interview.

So enjoy the interview – some real useful tips in there! Thanks Chris for stopping by and sharing your knowledge with the BetterPitching community!

[hr] [h5]Dr. Chris McKenzie[/h5] Strength Coach, Board Certified Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Free Video Series: MonsterArmProgram.com/elbow

In previous articles, I’ve written about the importance of good mobility and stability in your pitching delivery. But one thing I haven’t mentioned before is that late in my career, I finally got serious about addressing flexibility and mobility issues that were holding me back. And I started doing something I never would have considered in my younger days…

I had tried stretching at night, and that helped to some extent. But I still felt I could do more to improve my flexibility, stability and balance to make my pitching delivery more efficient. So one off-season, I decided to take a different approach and started doing Yoga. I still kept up with my other conditioning (lifting, plyo’s, sprinting).

[h5]Here are some key benefits I saw from adding Yoga to my training:[/h5]
  • Improved overall flexibility
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Improved body awareness
  • Improved strength and stamina

Plus an unanticipated side-benefit…

  • Improved mental focus and toughness

I recently caught up with Gwen Lawrence, a leading Yoga instructor when it comes to training athletes. Gwen has worked with many pro and amateur athletes, including members of the New York Yankees and New York Giants.

One thing I like about Gwen’s approach is that she really makes an effort to understand the individual athlete. She understands the position, and the unique demands a pitcher may have vs. a hitter. And at the same time, some guys may need to work more on flexibility, some more on balance and stability.

Now Yoga isn’t necessarily for everyone… But if you keep an open mind, I believe most pitchers can benefit from adding Yoga to their training.

So if you’re like me, and you’re always on the lookout for ways to be a better pitcher, check out today’s interview!

[h5]Gwen Lawrence[/h5] GwenLawrence.com
•E-RYT 500 experienced registered Yoga Teacher 500 hour, highest accredited
•YTA member of Yoga teachers association
•YA member of Yoga Alliance
•NSCA member National Sports conditioning association
•RY th Registered Yoga Therapist
•RYS register accredited yoga school owner founder director

Power Yoga for Baseball


[h5]Poses/Stretches referenced in the interview:[/h5]


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