So in my post not long ago about Masahiro Tanaka’s loaded hips, I mentioned a follow-up Video Lesson I would be putting together for you… this is that post.

As a lot of coaches and parents have been telling me, it’s one thing to understand the idea of leading with the hips (or staying closed and loaded with your hips)…

[h5]Actually doing it or helping pitchers “get it” is another story[/h5]

Some pitchers are just so programmed to lift and get to a “balance point” or have spent so much time focusing on stepping straight towards the catcher without any regard to staying closed that this just doesn’t come easily.

[h5]So how do you counteract all this old programming?[/h5]

What you need is some new “movement pattern mapping” – or whatever term you want to throw out there for developing the “feel” for a new series of movements. So in this video I go over a simple process for helping pitchers learn the feel for leading with loaded hips in their pitching delivery.

[h4]Tips for Learning the Feel for Leading with Loaded Hips[/h4]

This is just one approach… and depending on your pitching style it might not be for you. But it’s worth trying, and I’ve personally found these steps to be extremely effective with many of my pitchers. Give ’em a try and let me know how you make out!

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So it’s that time of year… spring is around the corner, and guys are starting to get ready for the season. And one of the things this can mean for pitchers as they start increasing their throwing loads is sore arms…

Well the other day I caught up with Dr. Chris McKenzie, a strength coach and Board Certified Physical Therapist who specializes in training the overhead athlete.

In today’s interview Chris shares some of his best tips for keeping your arm strong and staying healthy this season and in the future.
He’s also got a great Free Videos Series detailing these strategies – you can find the link to that below the interview.

So enjoy the interview – some real useful tips in there! Thanks Chris for stopping by and sharing your knowledge with the BetterPitching community!

[hr] [h5]Dr. Chris McKenzie[/h5] Strength Coach, Board Certified Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Free Video Series:

So I’ve been loving all the feedback on the Curveball Video series. If you haven’t checked that out yet, click here. But there’s one misconception I’ve been seeing more and more, and it’s about something I didn’t get to address in that series. So I just put together this short video to help clear things up.

[h5]Have you ever heard a pitcher refer to their curveball as a “Knuckle Curve”?[/h5]

Usually what they’re talking about is the index finger, where they spike it with the tip of the finger and the knuckle is raised off the ball. Now whatever you want to call any of your pitches is really up to you. But in a lot of cases, when a pitcher says he throws a knuckle curve, what he’s really throwing is just a traditional curveball with the knuckle up.

And the reason this is an issue and important to understand is that there IS such a thing as a true knuckle curve.

And while it acts like a traditional curveball, the two pitches are thrown very differently. Check out the video to see what I’m talking about.

So hopefully that helped clear this up for some people. And as I point out in the video, while I’m familiar with this pitch, I’m not the best guy to teach it. The curveball I threw (and the one you see most pitchers throw at the college and professional levels) was the traditional curveball. If you want to know how to throw that pitch, I’ve got you covered (here’s that Free Video Series again).

But if you want to know how to throw a knuckle curve (a true knuckle curve), I’ve yet to see a better explanation than you’ll find in this video by Georgia pitching coach Fred Corral (worth a follow if you’re on twitter: @FCorral34).

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