Praise and Feedback (and Recognizing the EFFORT)

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What’s the difference between praise and feedback?

In some ways, praise is a form of feedback I guess.

But there’s something I’ve learned over my years coaching – and this REALLY hit home when I read the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck.


A great (and important) read if you’re a parent or coach, by the way…

And that’s the idea of praising the EFFORT, not the result.

Because the first develops a growth-oriented mindset…  Through effort and ...

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Drills For Increasing Torque

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Yet another SNOW day here in CT… What else is new.

But before I head out to shovel-attack the driveway once again, I wanted to share this with you.

I got this email the other day.

Bob writes:


I believe power comes from torque, among other things. Do you have any drills that will provide muscle memory for creating torque. I would like to see the chest facing third base when the stride foot lands. Do you have any drills that will accomplish this motion?

Bob, ...

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Opportunity Knocks…

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…But are you listening?

Or, probably the more important question, are you PREPARED?

Bob Feller (young pitchers, look him up) once said:

See, successful people mess up, too…

Bur here’s something that sets them apart.

They don’t DWELL upon their failures…

And they don’t get LAZY and rest on their laurels when thing are going well.

They know opportunity is everywhere.

You never know when that big break will come… When that coach or scout will see you pitch.

I remember the game against Minnesota that got ...

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Motion Analysis For A 10 Year Old?

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I don’t work with a lot of very young pitchers these days.

In fact, I think TOO much coaching “mechanics” at a young age can actually throw a pitcher’s development right off the rails…

But the other day I got a chance to do some work with a 10 year old pitcher (FUN and refreshing).

And this kid has a very cool setup at home.

Up in his “attic” they’ve got a long room with a gym setup…

So at one end of the room ...

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Avoiding Blowouts (And A Webinar Invite)

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Before I get going, want to make sure I let you know about a special live webinar I’m going to be doing this Wednesday night with Josh Heenan (Strength Coach Extraordinaire) and Wayne Mazzoni (D1 College Coach and Recruiting Specialist).

Click Here for details.

Okay, on to today’s pitching lesson….

I’m writing this from a Starbucks while I wait for them to put new tires on my car at the shop next door…

Bear with me, there’s a lesson for an important ...

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