…But are you listening?

Or, probably the more important question, are you PREPARED?

Bob Feller (young pitchers, look him up) once said:

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is.

See, successful people mess up, too…

Bur here’s something that sets them apart.

They don’t DWELL upon their failures…

And they don’t get LAZY and rest on their laurels when thing are going well.

They know opportunity is everywhere.

You never know when that big break will come… When that coach or scout will see you pitch.

I remember the game against Minnesota that got me drafted…

My season wasn’t going quite the way I’d hoped. And I was in danger of dropping off the radar…

And it was actually a pitcher on the OTHER team that got me noticed.

He was a potential first rounder and a ton of scouts had come out to see him pitch… I saw them there sitting behind the plate with their radar guns.

Now or never.

Things didn’t start well and I had a rocky first inning.

But then something inside me clicked…

I thought back to all the hard work I’d put in over the winter. Day in, day out, preparing for THIS moment (even if I didn’t know it at the time).

I got in a groove and dominated the rest of the way.

At the end of the day I had 10 K’s, 1 BB and completely out-pitched the other guy.

And during the game, his mom actually came up to my mom and said the scouts should have come to see me!

Just like that, I got back on the map.

ONE moment…

Yeah, but it’s WAY more than that. It’s all those little moments leading up to it.

Thomas Edison once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

But you’re not “most people” (at least, that’s what I assume if you’re on this list).

Your next big opportunity is right around the corner.

Will you be ready?

Okay, enough talking…

Time to get after it!

Get started Here.

Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,


PS – Are you prepared to dominate this season?

Let the naysayers nay…

Then prove ’em wrong.

I don’t work with a lot of very young pitchers these days.

In fact, I think TOO much coaching “mechanics” at a young age can actually throw a pitcher’s development right off the rails…

But the other day I got a chance to do some work with a 10 year old pitcher (FUN and refreshing).

And this kid has a very cool setup at home.

Up in his “attic” they’ve got a long room with a gym setup…

So at one end of the room there’s an area for weights along with a big full length mirror.

Then on the other side of the room he’s got a pitching target and a bucket of baseballs.

My first piece of advice to this kid…

“Those two things will be the BEST pitching coaches you’ll ever have.”

And I meant it.

It’s something I do at the facility with guys all the time.

  • Hop in front of the mirror
  • Work on your motion
  • Get a good sense of how you’re moving
  • Then out to the turf to start connecting that feel with hitting a target

Now I also don’t do a ton of video work with young pitchers. Doing HEAVY motion analysis for a kid just learning the basics of the pitching motion… not recommended.

(I go over all this stuff, along with the HOW, WHY and WHEN of video work, in my upcoming program, The Motion Mapping Method – currently closed, but you can go here to get on the waiting list)

But… that doesn’t mean I’ll NEVER use video with a young pitcher.

See, from 10 to 14 years, you’ve got this prime window of adaption for young athletes to develop good movement patterns.

If you just turn him loose without any guidance, you can bet he’s gonna develop some bad habits…

And those habits are going to get SERIOUSLY ingrained.

Case in point… 

This same 10 year old pitcher was working on things in front of the mirror… And it was clear right away that he was dropping his glove-arm WAY early…

I pointed it out. Made him feel it… Let him SEE it in the mirror.

And he could get to the “position” no problem.

But… When he went back to his full pitching motion, that glove arm totally dropped again.

So here’s what we did.

I got out my phone and took a quick video of him performing his motion.

Then I loaded it into a mobile app and showed it to him.

I let HIM actually take control of it… slow things down, forward and back.

You could see a whole new level of engagement (the magic of video).

“Oh, I totally see it now.”

Then he got back up in front of the mirror, and Lo ‘n Behold…

That glove arm timing was a thousand times better.

And with each rep things got smoother and smoother… And he was ready to grab the bucket of balls, head over to the target and get to work.

So NO… I don’t do a lot of HEAVY motion analysis for very young pitchers.

But video can still be a VERY powerful tool.

Because now he knows what what to work on…

And that mirror and target become what they should be.

The two best pitching coaches he could ask for.

That’s all for now.

Committed to Your Pitching Success,

Coach Phil

PS – Nipping bad habits in the bud is easy when you know what to look for. It’s what the videos in the Flaws & Fixes section of the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint are all about. So you can identify red flags early and know exactly which drills to use to make the needed adjustments.

Before I get going, want to make sure I let you know about a special live webinar I’m going to be doing this Wednesday night with Josh Heenan (Strength Coach Extraordinaire) and Wayne Mazzoni (D1 College Coach and Recruiting Specialist).

Click Here for details.

Okay, on to today’s pitching lesson….

I’m writing this from a Starbucks while I wait for them to put new tires on my car at the shop next door…

Bear with me, there’s a lesson for an important lesson here.

See, I had a complete BLOWOUT on the road this morning.

Coldest day of the year, too… Great timing huh?

So instead of getting my day started early like I’d planned, I found myself stuck on the side of the road, freezing my tookus off, wrestling with lug-nuts and cranks and throwing on a barely road-worthy donut…

And as I begin to regain feeling in my fingers, here’s the thing that gets me:

I could have EASILY avoided this…

I knew I needed new tires… I’d even had it on my to do list for the past WEEK.

So what happened?

The same thing that happens to so many of us.

Life (and business) got in the way… I put it off, kicked it down the road.

Okay, now  here’s how this relates to pitching…

As you probably know, I was very fortunate in my playing career.

I was drafted on 3 separate occasions, earned a scholarship to my DREAM school, went on to pitch in the Cape League and the pros…

And I learned a ton along the way from coaches and teammates at every level.

But, what you may not know is that it all never happened.

The summer after my Senior year in high school, I had blowout.

Only it was my pitching arm.

I even heard the doctor utter those dreaded words… Tommy John surgery. 

In the end, I opted for rehab over surgery, but I MISSED most of my freshman season in college.

Over the course of that year, I learned a TON about what committing to playing in college means.

And in the years that followed I learned what it REALLY means to prepare yourself for pitching at the next level, physically, mentally and everything in between.

See… just like that tire blowout I had this morning, my elbow blowout could have been avoided.

IF I had only had better information.

See, back in high school my parents did everything they could at the time to help me in my goal of playing in college (and beyond).

But looking back, there was just so much more that I SHOULD have been doing… We just didn’t know any better at the time.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience in baseball, despite all the setbacks…

All the ups and downs.

I’ve been able to learn and grow through it all.

And it’s gotten me where I am today.

And now I get to share all of the things I’ve learned over the years to hopefully help the next generation pitchers avoid some of those pitfalls and mistakes I made.

This Wednesday night at 8:30pm Eastern Time I’m getting together for a special Webinar with two of the best people I know when it comes to preparing pitchers for success at the Next Level. 

Josh Heenan is my go-to strength coach here in CT… His knowledge of the unique physical demands of pitching is off the charts, and I’ve seen him put 15, 20, 30 lbs. on pitchers… with strength they can actually USE on the mound.

Wayne Mazzoni is a college pitching coach who not only gets “pitching at the next level” but also knows the recruiting process like no other. He’s a sought after speaker on the subject, helping baseball families and players make their college dreams a reality.

We’re going to keep things pretty informal and make sure we give plenty of time for live Q&A to answer all your questions and make it as beneficial for you as possible.

As I know all too well, it’s easy to get side-tracked…

So before you let life get in the way, head over and get signed up for the webinar:

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