Another Way a Curveball Can Make Your Fastball Faster… the Eephus!

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So this post is a little tongue in cheek… but if you haven’t seen this video yet, you have to check it out.

A friend of mine always used to joke that more major league pitchers should throw an Eephus pitch.

Bugs_Bunny_EephusAnd I’m talking about that high, super-slow, lollipop Eephus, not the slow curveball you guys throwing.

Here’s a great one of those by the way:
Yu Darvish 59 MPH Curveball

I mean, can ...

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Coaching Youth Pitchers: Installment One

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Okay, so this post kicks off what will likely become quite a lengthy series on tips for Coaching Youth Pitchers…

And keep in mind, while much of this information will be relevant for pitchers of all ages, this series is specifically intended for coaches or parents working with young ballplayers of Little League league age.

My first recommendation is pretty simple. Start with the basics. Show them how to grip the ball – if you’re not holding the ball well, good luck ...

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Tips for Learning to Lead with Loaded Hips

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So in my post not long ago about Masahiro Tanaka’s loaded hips, I mentioned a follow-up Video Lesson I would be putting together for you… this is that post.

As a lot of coaches and parents have been telling me, it’s one thing to understand the idea of leading with the hips (or staying closed and loaded with your hips)…

Some pitchers are just so programmed to lift and get to a “balance ...

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