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It was the height of frustration.

So we got our Christmas tree up this weekend… And while it was fun watching the kids’ excitement yesterday as we decorated, the night before… not so much.

Debacle, I think is the right word.

See, we always put the tree up and get the lights on the night before after the kids are in bed (tough enough getting that thing in the stand and strooning it with lights without their curious minds and fingers getting in the mix).

Anyway, you’d think we’d have a system down by now. But alas, we managed to make the simple complicated.

After debating back and forth, up and down, about the best way to strategically string the lights around the tree – where each piece had to end up, where we would connect the next strand, etc. – we opted for what was clearly the most dizzyingly complicated approach imaginable.

We worked our way through the middle of the tree up to the top with the first strand of lights.

Then we wound our way back down from the top. Started out okay…

But sure enough, we get to the bottom and we run out of lights. Ah, but no worries, we grab an extension cord!

Problem solved… Plug it in and – Ta-Da!

Hey, wait a minute… where’d all our lights go?

Turns out, we’d buried them too deep in the tree, leaving most of them completely hidden. We made three full strands of lights somehow look only one.

Well done, huh…

My wife and I just stared at each other in disbelief (and exasperation)…

After several failed attempts to fiddle with the lights, reposition them and somehow salvage all our hard work, we came to the hard realization.

It was time to undo all our hard work, rip the lights off (being careful not to lose too many pine needles in the process)…

And start again from scratch.

(In the end, we had a good laugh about it, at least… but I hope we remember this for next year).

Anyway, as usual, my mind is always making connections to pitching…

And the whole mess immediately made me think of a well known John Wooden quote:

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Doesn’t matter how hard you work if you don’t take the time to set up your program well. Just doing a bunch of drills you found on youtube or going to a once a week pitching lesson doesn’t cut it.

Are you sure you’re actually developing good movement patterns? What’s the price of putting in all that time and effort only to find out that your beautiful Christmas tree became a cluttered mess?

So you don’t want to get ahead of the game… Heck, with some of my guys, we’re really focusing on two key drills right now to develop proper sequencing.

Until they can get those movements down – and I mean really get them RIGHT- it doesn’t make sense to start stacking more power on top of it.

One of those drills is a pitcher-specific variation of Med Ball Slams. They’re tremendous for helping a pitcher learn the feel for momentum and using his entire body.

That said, in my experience, 9 out of 10 pitchers won’t do them right when they first start out.

And if you just do them the way you see some fitness guy doing them on youtube, you won’t be doing them the way I show you in the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint – and you’ll be missing out on the number one benefit of this drill (and possibly reinforcing bad habits),

It’s why you want to assess, get in front of a mirror, use video, check your feet…

A little final aside:

Once we got all those decorations up, it was priceless seeing my son’s reaction. My little guy just got right up next to it with a big smile on his face… he walked around to look at it from every angle.

“I DO like my tree!” He said with a smile.

Big hug. Smiles all around.

Do it right NOW… or do it over LATER. Your choice.

Until next time…

Work hard. Work SMART. Get Better.

Coach Phil

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