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[h5]Navigating the Recruiting Landscape with Andrew Beinbrink[/h5]  
Things have changed a lot in recent years in the world of college recruiting. With the rise of the internet, college showcases and elite travel ball, the whole landscape has gotten a lot more complicated since I went through it (which I guess was a long time ago now, even if it doesn’t feel that way)…

For today’s parents and players, navigating the complexities can be challenging, confusing, and downright overwhelming. And I hear the concerns of parents out there who want to make sure they’re doing all they can to help their kids get the right exposure and realize their goal of playing at the next level.

As I mentioned, things have changed so much since I went through it… so when parents and players come to me with questions, I try to rely on guys who are more plugged in can really help you navigate the today’s challenging recruiting landscape.

I recently caught up with SportsForce Recruiting Co-Founder, Andrew Beinbrink. Andrew is a former pro ball player and Arizona State standout. With SportsForce Recruiting, a leading college recruiting service, he has really great insights into the entire recruiting process, what works and what doesn’t.

[h5]Check out the interview to hear Andrew’s take on things like:[/h5] [circle_list] [list_item]Are online recruiting services worth it, and how to tell the good ones from the bad.[/list_item] [list_item]How important is attending college showcases.[/list_item] [list_item]How you can maximize exposure on a tight budget.[/list_item] [list_item]The importance of creating the right college target list.[/list_item] [/circle_list] Thanks Andrew, appreciate you dropping by and sharing your knowledge!

[h5]Andrew Beinbrink[/h5] Co-Founder, SportsForce Recruiting
SportsForce Recruiting
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