Pitching Principle #1: Balance

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You often hear pitching coaches talk to young pitchers about the importance of having good balance. And I completely agree… but not in the typical “get to a balance point” meaning.

Read this article to see more about why I’m not a big fan of the balance drill:
Pitching Drills: Why Most are a Complete Waste of Time

For me, Balance is a core principle that applies not just ...

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3 Tips for Teaching Little League Pitching Mechanics

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I got an email the other day from a little league coach looking for some tips for working with very young pitchers. I get these questions from parents and coaches a lot, so I decided it would be a good idea to put together an article with some general guidelines.

Here is his email:

Little League Pitching Mechanics2

First off, I loved that this coach had his ...

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More Pitching Drills I Don’t Like: The Towel Drill

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I almost included the towel drill in my list of least favorite pitching drills, but decided this one needed it’s own separate article. The most common version of the towel drill involves performing your motion with a towel in your throwing hand with the intention of hitting a target that somebody holds out in front of your landing foot. The idea is in order to consistently hit the target, you need to demonstrate good ...

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