Motion Analysis for Fixing Mechanical Flaws

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Okay, so in my last post I discussed what I consider some misrepresentations out there when it comes to coaches selling parents and pitchers on the importance of “good pitching mechanics.” If you missed it, click here: “Safe” Pitching Mechanics is a Lie

Now to be clear, the point there was NOT that injury prevention is a bad goal or that pitching mechanics don’t matter. And there are absolutely mechanical ...

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Pitching Mechanics: Better Tempo Increases Torque

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Hip to shoulder separation, or torque, has become sort of a buzz phrase in pitching circles in recent years… and for good reason. It’s what you see in all powerful rotational athletes, and it’s what you typically see with high velocity pitchers.

But how does hip to shoulder separation contribute to velocity, and how can we actually teach pitchers to increase torque in their deliveries?

Take a look at this video of Aroldis Chapman… unreal separation.

The hardest ...

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More Pitching Drills I Don’t Like: The Towel Drill

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I almost included the towel drill in my list of least favorite pitching drills, but decided this one needed it’s own separate article. The most common version of the towel drill involves performing your motion with a towel in your throwing hand with the intention of hitting a target that somebody holds out in front of your landing foot. The idea is in order to consistently hit the target, you need to demonstrate good ...

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