2 Quick Pitching Tips For Dominating This Season

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KISS-imageOkay, let’s get right to it… At times, pitching can seem EXTREMELY complicated, challenging and downright confusing. But it doesn’t have to be…

There’s a popular acronym that really applies here, especially when it comes to actually competing between the lines.

K.I.S.S… Keep It Simple Stupid…

In today’s post I’m going to attempt to keep things “Stupid Simple” by sharing with you ONE thing that will have a bigger impact ...

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Breathing Through Your Eyelids Like A Lava Lizard

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There’s a great scene in Bull Durham where Annie gives Nuke Laloosh (best baseball movie names ever?) some perplexing advice…

Annie: “I want you to breathe through your eyelids.”

Nuke: “My eyelids???”

Annie: “Like the lava lizards of the Galapagos Islands.”

She also has him start wearing a garter belt under his uniform… all in the interest of distracting his mind from the tension-inducing thoughts that swirl through his head on the mound.

The anxiety and strain of having to throw strikes (amid his own ...

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Another Way a Curveball Can Make Your Fastball Faster… the Eephus!

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So this post is a little tongue in cheek… but if you haven’t seen this video yet, you have to check it out.

A friend of mine always used to joke that more major league pitchers should throw an Eephus pitch.

Bugs_Bunny_EephusAnd I’m talking about that high, super-slow, lollipop Eephus, not the slow curveball you guys throwing.

Here’s a great one of those by the way:
Yu Darvish 59 MPH Curveball

I mean, can ...

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