Pitching Principle # 3: Tempo

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One of the things I tend to emphasize with my pitchers is the need for good tempo on the mound. And most of the time when I talk to them about tempo, I’m referring to their mechanics – the need to get athletic, get in a good rhythm, and move their bodies powerfully towards home plate. But the idea of having good tempo carries over to other areas of pitching that have nothing to do with mechanics.

Well… I guess I ...

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Why Does My Son Have Forearm Soreness?

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I’ve recently heard from a number of baseball dads around the country concerned about elbow and forearm soreness their sons have been having while pitching. They all basically want to know same things:

Just based on this sample of emails, I’m pretty sure there are a lot more young pitchers and concerned parents out there who aren’t sure where to turn for advice. So I thought it could help to address these concerns here with today’s post.

Dr. James Andrews knows more ...

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5 Steps for Creating Your Own Momentum

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In my last post, Pitching Principle #2: Momentum, I talked about the power of momentum and how you can use it to your advantage. And one of the great things about pitching is you get to create your own momentum. You’re the one with the ball, after all.

But to do this, you need to start by taking action. So as a follow-up, I wanted to give you some simple steps to help ...

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