Should Pitchers Stretch to Increase External Rotation?

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*This article is adapted from a response I initially gave over at online pitching forum,

One thing that stands out when you watch major league pitchers is just how much whip (for lack of a better word) you see in their throwing arms. And it makes a lot of sense that greater external rotation in your throwing shoulder would contribute to higher velocity. The research supports this, and all you have to do is take a look at ...

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Forearm Strength For Pitchers – with Jedd Johnson

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In my last article, I talked about the questions I’ve been getting from parents and pitchers concerned about forearm and elbow soreness. Well if you liked that, you need to check out today’s video.

The other day, I was able to catch up with Strength Coach and Grip Strength Specialist, Jedd Johnson. Jedd’s a former college pitcher who turned to competing in Strong Man competitions, and now teaches athletes how to become ...

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Off-Season Training for Pitchers: Part II

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In my last article on off-season pitching workouts I talked about how your off-season training can make or break your pitching career. Today as a follow up, I’m going to lay out 5 simple steps for maximizing your off-season pitching workouts.

Youth pitchers who throw year-round are at much greater risk of arm injury. I’ll again reference the 2006 study that found:

“Adolescent throwers who pitched more than eight months per year were ...

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