The Mysterious Case of Chris Archer’s Stride

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So I happened to catch some of a Rays/Yankees game a couple weeks ago, and it was my first glimpse of a rising young star… Chris Archer. He pitched a 2 hit shutout.

Have you seen this guy pitch yet?

I had to do a double take. His motion is slow, smooth, almost effortless… but then the ball just explodes out of his hand. The thing that really struck me was his Read More →


One Quick & Easy Trick to Elevate Your Fastball

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We all know the importance of commanding your fastball down in the zone, and many (myself included) will recommend throwing roughly 80% of your pitches down there. For more on this, read this article: The Importance of Commanding Your Fastball. But something worth pointing out is that the philosophy behind this line of thinking is based on what works at the big league level… Kyle Boddy actually wrote a ...

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Why a Longer Stride Isn’t Always the Answer

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image source: (Bill Mitchell/Four Seam Images)
Audio of the full interview:Nick Struck Interview

Earlier this month I came across an article in the Chicago Tribune on Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year, Nick Struck: “Shortening Struck’s stride may quicken rise to Cubs.”

It caught my attention because it highlighted something I talked about not long ago in an article on the Read More →

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