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Happy day-after-New Years Day Monday…

In my last email we talked about how yesterday was Day One

Which technically makes today Day TWO… but following on that theme of “one pitch at a time” I’d like to share something Jeff Bezos reportedly says… that is:

It’s ALWAYS “Day 1”

A new day.
Another gift.
Another chance to move the chains…

And speaking of DAY 1, I’m also reminded of what coaching great John Wooden used to to teach his players on the FIRST day of practice…

Side note/ fun fact: It took John Wooden 16 years to win his first NCAA title with UCLA… Then, they won 10 of the next 12 championships. 

Anyway, reportedly on the first day of practice – before he even let his players on the court – he would get them all together and teach them how to properly put on their socks

(keep in mind he was talking to the best college basketball players on the planet)

“First you go over toes like this, then up over the heel.. make sure there are no wrinkles, no gaps… then pull them up tight like this.”

Why all this time on something so basic as putting on socks?

Because, as he told them…

  • If you don’t, you might get blisters…
  • Get blisters, and you might have to sit out practice…
  • Sit out practice and you won’t be prepared for the game…
  • And then the team won’t perform at its BEST. 

The little things can make a BIG difference.

Or, as one of my coaches likes to say:

Greatness comes from mastering the Fundamentals

If you’re a pitcher, that’s things like:

  • Developing/repeating your mechanics
  • Taking your throwing program seriously
  • Consistent Arm Care
  • Training your ability to FOCUS on What’s Important Now (ie, THIS pitch)

Okay that’s all for now. 

Pumped for you this coming season…

Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success, 

Coach Phil