Pitching Mechanics Don't Have to Be Complicated

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1. Having power: the magic of electricity… after consecutive years of cancelled Halloweens and prolonged power outages, I don’t take it for granted.

2. Doing what I love: pitching professionally was a dream come true, but with coaching I’m fulfilling my purpose.

3. My big family: couldn’t have asked to be part of a better bunch of people.
“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”
– Desmond Tutu

4. My wife and kids: Nothing else compares… can’t get over how lucky I am.

5. Online pitching forums (letstalkpitching.com & checkswing.com): supportive communities of informed pitching minds, open discussion, and people who challenge your beliefs.

6. Eric Cressey’s blog: worth a read for any serious pitchers, trainers and coaches.

7. Great coaching partners: I’ve had a chance to work with Strength & Conditioning Coach Josh Heenan – his input has been invaluable.

8. You: engaged parents, motivated coaches and pitchers… you’re what keeps me going.

9. The next generation





10. Parents who encouraged me to explore my interests and find my own way.

11. The good coaches I’ve had over the years (too many to name)

12. The BAD coaches I’ve had over the years (you made me tougher and taught me how not to coach)

13. The places baseball has taken me: I’ve been to all but one of the 50 states, and played ball in Canada and Germany. I also got to play in the Cape Cod summer league (where I used to watch games as a small boy) and live in Columbus, GA where I got to see a little bit of what life was like for my dad growing up on Ft. Benning.

14. The Batter’s Box (the facility I’ve used for the past several years): Couldn’t do much without a place to train during the cold winter months.

15. Coaches who believed in me: your belief and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed.

16. Powerchalk (my motion analysis software): looking at deliveries frame by frame has made a huge difference in the quality of my instruction.

17. The right books at the right time (this has been a consistent patterns throughout my life)

18. Facebook: it’s where I get to connect with you all. I love hearing from you and learning of your successes. If you haven’t already, check out and Like BetterPitching on Facebook!

19. Abner Doubleday (?): while it’s up for debate who exactly should be credited for inventing the game of baseball, I would like to shake that man’s hand.





20. Carousels: there’s one in the food court of our local mall, and there’s nothing like seeing my little girls face light up when she gets to ride the “horsies” with Daddy.

21. My iPod & Audible.com: I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks in the car. It’s turned my commute from being a hassle into something that’s actually productive.

22. My Atec backstop: knee-saver and helps me get a better look at the pitchers mechanics.
Note: I still like catching my pitchers sometimes because it gives me a better read on the action of their pitches).







23. Good coffee: with two little ones and two jobs, the only way I get to the gym is my 5:00 am morning workouts… and I’m not a morning person.

24. Skype: it gives my kids a chance to see and spend some time with their grandparents. I also get to stay in touch with guys when they’re on the road or after they go off to play in college (Remote Web Sessions).

25. Pizza Fridays: after a long week, I really look forward to these nights at home with the kids – no fuss, no muss, just good eats and happy campers.

26. Our troops: Jim Smith wrote a great piece I’ve mentioned before. If you missed it check it out here: The Calm

27. All of my failures
“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill

28. Baseball movies: The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, to name just a few that helped fuel my baseball dreams as a young ballplayer.





29. Apple Pie: “More Please!”





[h4]Happy Thanksgiving, everybody![/h4]