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Discover How To Give Your Son an Unfair Advantage To Take His Pitching To The Next Level...

The State of Amateur Baseball Is Getting More Complicated By the Day...

If you're a baseball parent, I don't have to tell you the world of amateur sports, and baseball in particular, is out of control. Between the endless options for Travel Ball, Year Round Training Academies, Showcases and Tournaments, it barely resembles the baseball we grew up with.

Your son might be getting input from a lot of voices... local pitching instructors, High School Coaches, a Travel Ball Coach, Strength Coach just to name a few...

And EACH of these has their own vested interest in your son continuing to come to them... it can be tough to get an honest, unbiased opinion when it comes to your son's development and where he stands.

It Can Be Tough Getting Unbiased Feedback from Someone You Trust

In fact, In a LOT of cases, nowadays these Local Facilities and Travel Programs get you Locked In where you're not even allowed to work with another instructor or outside pitching coach of your choosing. Which often leads to two big problems: 1) Your son either isn't getting enough attention because his spot on the roster is just a paycheck to fund their program (worst case and not the norm, but it happens) or 2) Your son is not getting the RIGHT instruction or guidance to help develop to his maximum potential. And actually, this is probably the #1 Reason most of my Remote Clients seek me out in the first place.

Like It Or Not, In Today's Game... Velocity Trumps All...

Like it or not, in today's world, the pace at which players are expected to develop is accelerated vs. what it used to be. Colleges expect to see a certain MPH reading on the gun by a certain time, and if it's not there they're on to the next batch of prospects. It's a function of how early everything is starting, year round training, you name. I hate it as much as anyone... And while it might not be right, and it's definitely not fair... it's the way things are right now and we have to deal with it.

And so when I talk to parents and their sons who are dealing with all of this... it's clear, the one thing they need more than anything is someone who can put it all together for them. Someone who sees the big picture, knows their situation and can give them that unbiased, straight forward guidance they need to develop and reach their goals.

Up until now I've only offered this HIGH Level of 1x1 coaching/consulting to a very select handful of people. In order to help MORE baseball families this year I'm opening up a limited number of spots in my "360 Pitcher" Program... 360P is where I personally work with you and your son to make next season his best year ever... one that you'll look back on years from now and know - THAT's when things came together for your son.

Introducing the BetterPitching 360P 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Coach Phil Personally Will Work With You and Your Son In This 1x1 Coaching Program to Give Your Son an Unfair Advantage Next Season

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Here's Just Some Of What You'll Be Getting with 360P

  • The 90 Day Velocity Blueprint: Uncover the Exact Process to Unlock Maximum Velocity in the Next 90 Days
  • The 360 Elite Picher Assessment: I'll Get to Know Your Son and His Unique Situation Inside and Out So I can Be There For Him When He Needs a Little Push And Be An Advocate In His Corner
  • The 5PM Mechanics and Velocity Analysis to Identify Any Energy Leaks or Red Flags - Your Son Will Know Exactly What He Needs to Work On to Improve His Motion, Increase Velocity And Stay Healthy
  • The ATP Movement & Mobility Screen:Often the Most Overlooked Piece of the Velocity Puzzle, We'll Address Any Existing Movement Restrictions So Your Son Can Build the Most Powerful Pitching Motion Possible
  • Customized Pitching Drills Matched to Your Son's Analysis: So You Can Easily Train the Right Movement Patterns Without Wasting Time on Any Unnecessary, or Even Counterproductive, Drills
  • PLUS You'll Get Full Access to the Entire Library of Pitching Drills in the BetterPitching Vault So You'll Have Every Tool In Your Toolbox Available For Any Situation
  • Direct Access to Coach Phil as Your Personal Pitching Adviser, Including More Than 30 Years Pitching and Coaching Experience At Every Level of the Game
  • Private Pitching Coach "On Demand": I'll Be That Trusted 3rd Party You Can Always Go To If You Have Questions, Need Some Advice Or If Your Son Needs To Hear Some Words of Encouragement From Someone Other Than Dad 🙂
  • For Mom & Dad: Text or Call Anytime - As His Parent, I'll Give You My Cellphone So You Can Reach Me Anytime. This Way You'll Never Have to Carry the Burden of Your Son's Pitching Future Alone
  • The Next Level Pitcher Future Vision Framework: Your Son Will Get Crystal Clear on His Goals and Make Moving Towards That Desired Outcome Almost Automatic
  • Accountability & Calibration:I'll Help Your Son Stick to His Most Important "Next-Level Pitcher" Habits and Help Him Stay On Track So He Can Make His Dreams a Reality

Why Clients Think Working With Coach Phil Is A No-Brainer

What Other Coaches Say About Phil

Lantz Wheeler

"There’s very few pitching ‘guys’ out there that I wholeheartedly believe genuinely care about their players, are constantly evolving, open to new ideas and are in this ‘thing’ for the right reasons. But, I can say with 100% certainty that Phil is one of those guys. As we say in college baseball coaching circles, Phil “gets it!” You’ve found an incredible resource - with Phil Rosengren you’re in good hands!"

Lantz Wheeler, BaseballThinkTank
Wayne Mazzoni

"Phil Rosengren is one of the better people in the baseball coaching world today. I’d trust him with any of my pitchers - and also my son!"

Wayne Mazzoni, Sacred Heart University
Gabe Ribas

"There are very few guys I have been around who understand pitching as well as Phil who can also teach complex concepts in a very clear, precise way."

Gabe Ribas, Pitching Coordinator, Los Angeles Dodgers

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