Pitching Mechanics Don't Have to Be Complicated

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As you know, I’m a big proponent of using video.

It’s a great tool for helping pitchers gain a deeper understanding of their pitching motion – where they’re leaking power, where they can unlock some added velocity.

I mean the pitching motion happens so fast – one of the fastest movements in all of sports (and pitchers aren’t athletes?)

Plus, it’s tough (impossible?) for a pitcher to ever really KNOW what he’s doing until he actually SEES it for himself.

That said, there are ALL KINDS of ways I see people go wrong with video… Sadly, I’ve been guilty of many of these in the past, myself. So if you recognize some of these in yourself, fear not – it’s not too late.

Anyway, with that in mind, I thought I’d share a sampling of my top motion analysis blunders.

Here we go…

1) Doing side by side with a pro and assuming EVERY single part of the pitcher’s motion must match

1a – Doing side by side analysis vs. a model who’s BAD fit for that pitcher

2) Paying (way) too much attention to the throwing arm (e.g., “get the elbow up!”)

3) Putting too much emphasis on stride length (it matters, but a lot of factors go into stride length, many of them unique to the individual – just lengthening the stride can backfire)

4) Focusing only on specific positions in the pitching motion (the fact there’s the word “motion” in there should tell you something)

5) Only going slowly – frame by frame by frame (ignores a KEY ingredient for velocity and efficiency)

6) Obsessing over things that just don’t matter (or at least matter very little)

7) Overwhelming the pitcher with 1,000 different flaws and “musts,” making him tight, insecure and anxious (instead of instilling confidence – highlight the positives!)

Okay, I could probably rattle off 100 others, but you get the idea…

Video can be a great tool… and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s why I’m so excited about my upcoming program – The Motion Mapping Method.

It’s closed to new members for now – you can go here to get on the waiting list:


Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,


PS – Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to discover the hidden areas where you can unlock more power and efficiency. The Ballistic Pitching Blueprint still comes with a free motion analysis to get you started.