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"Finally, A Proven System for Developing a High-Velocity Pitching Delivery..."

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Discover the Secrets of Balance, Timing & Power that helped me go from a kid who couldn't cut it in Little League...

  • To getting Drafted by my Senior year in High School

    First by the Detroit Tigers, then again by the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians.

  • Earning a Division 1 Scholarship

    And going from an unknown as a freshman to having multiple D1 scholarship offers from top academic universities in big time baseball conferences.

  • And reaching my Dream of playing in the Pros

    Alongside guys like C.C. Sabathia, Victor Martinez and Chase Utley

Stop Wasting Time with Outdated Pitching Instruction

The Professional Pitching Delivery is a perfectly timed chain of movements involving Momentum and Rotational Power. Why then are so many coaches and instructors relying on drills that kill momentum and disrupt your natural timing?

The truth is, most pitching drills just turn you into stiff, mechanical throwers...

They teach you to get good at positions rather than developing the right movements needed for a powerful pitching delivery.

And the sad part is coaches don’t realize the harm they’re doing. It’s not their fault – nor is it yours! They’re just teaching what they’ve been taught...

That's Why I've Created the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint

A Complete System of Drills for Developing a Powerful Pitching Delivery

With This Proven System You Will:

  • Develop a Powerful, Repeatable Pitching Delivery
  • Learn to move Explosively like the Major League’s hardest throwers
  • Finally feel what it’s like to pitch with your ENTIRE body (not just your arm)
  • Be able to pitch with greater Velocity, Control, and Confidence

Includes the 3 Power Pitching Pillars...

  • The Core Four Throwing Drills
  • The Dynamic Balance Drills
  • The Velocity Drills (Includes the Med Ball Throws & Power Pitching Drills)

Detailed Videos explaining and demonstrating each drill for easy reference.

Including BONUS Video Deep Dives & Drill Modifications

In this sample video you'll learn how to get MORE out of this very popular throwing drill, including why mastering this movement pattern is KEY for unlocking velocity.

PLUS the Complete FLAWS & FIXES Section

These videos break it all down, and show exactly how to use the drills in the Blueprint (which drills to use, where to place the emphasis) so you can customize your training and create the program that's right for YOU! Here's a sneak peak:

Here are some of the Big Flaws you can expect to learn more about in this section:

  • 1

    Being Too Stiff & Mechanical

  • 2

    Poor Timing

  • 3

    Poor Stride Direction

  • 4

    A Collapsing Front Knee

  • 5

    An Unstable Landing Foot

  • 6

    Poor Back Leg Drive

  • 7

    Sloppy Glove Arm Action

  • 8

    Lack of Forward Trunk Tilt

  • 9

    Excessive Lateral Tilt

You also get 6 Guidebooks full of detailed explanations and coaching cues...

The Ballistic Pitching Blueprint: Overview

The Overview is your introduction the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint. Here you'll learn about the importance of the Big 3 Components, as well as how to use the Blueprint to really take your game to the next level.

The Dynamic Balance Drills

The Dynamic Balance Drills are your foundation in the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint. With these drills, you'll develop the Balance and Stability you need for a Powerful Pitching Delivery.

The Core Four Throwing Drills

The Core Four Throwing Drills are primarily designed to address the first 2 Components of a good pitching delivery: Balance & Timing.

The Velocity Drills

Introduction & The 4 Power Pitching Components

The Velocity Drills are the more advanced component to the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint. These drills are all about developing the right motor coordination for a powerful pitching delivery.

The Med Ball Series

The Med Ball Throws and Slams will help you develop the feel for hip to shoulder separation and train your body to move more efficiently by throwing a heavier object.

The Power Pitching Drills

The Power Pitching Drills emphasize using your lower half and hips. These drills, more than any others in the Blueprint, will help you develop the Ballistic, Explosive movements you need for a powerful pitching delivery.

Plus You're Getting the QuickStart Guide

A simple Step-by-Step process showing you how to use the drills, including 3 sample workouts that remove all of the guesswork.

For less than the cost of a single in-house session, you’re getting everything you need to develop a Powerful Pitching Delivery in 90 days or less

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Here's What Others Are Saying

Phil Rosengren is one of the better people in the baseball coaching world today. Phil’s information is accurate and delivered in an easy to understand and implementable fashion. I’d trust him with any of my pitchers - and also my son!

Wayne Mazzoni Wayne Mazzoni
Pitching Coach, Sacred Heart University

Unlike many coaches, Phil breaks down mechanics without completely overhauling each person. He understands that not everyone can move a certain way and has different genetic gifts that should be highlighted mechanically. There is no cookie cutter approach with any of his athletes.

Josh Heenan Josh Heenan
Owner, Advanced Therapy and Performance

Over my years as a player and a coach there are very few guys I have been around who understand pitching as well as Phil Rosengren, and can also teach complex concepts in a very clear and precise way.

Gabe Ribas Gabe Ribas
Pitching Coordinator, LA Dodgers

I have 3 sons - the oldest is 14.  They all pitch and I've been buying [Well Known Pitching Guru's] stuff for probably 5-6 years.  Primarily because he uses research/facts to try to support his theories.  I think I understand a lot about pitching, flaws, etc. as a result.

The challenge is he doesn't believe in drills, queues, etc. to help kids get the feel for certain things.  I understand drills, especially the bad ones, aren't always helpful.  However, I've always thought there should be something available to help kids understand how to get the hips moving or the feel for separation.  If I understand the flaw but can't help the kid solve it, I'm not much help.

Your site is the first I've run across which seems to use research to support theory and also provides drills that make sense to me. As a dad who's invested a lot of money to try to understand and be able to effectively teach pitching, just thought I'd give you the feedback as to why I purchased.

- John - Baseball Dad

I started working with Coach Phil in the end of November 2012. I will be playing college ball starting this fall and wanted to find a coach that would help me get to the next level.  He gave me some great drills to do that would help my landing and back foot. He has a great understanding of mechanics and how to improve on them. It is very hard to find an instructor who is constantly learning about the art of pitching and then able to teach that to his students. I continue to use his drills and will continue to take lessons from him. I can't say enough about his approach and execution of his pitching  philosophies. Coach Phil is a great coach but also a really great person.

- Kyle - College Pitcher

I can't thank Phil enough for the helpful instruction and video analysis he gave me! I'm having the best season I've ever had and my velocity and control have improved drastically. Not only that, I've learned about the mental approach to pitching and how to master certain pitches. If you want to work with the best pitching coach, Phil's the guy to contact.

- Justin - High School Pitcher

My 11 year old son John worked over this past winter with Phil and we could not be more pleased with the training and effective approach to learning how to pitch. The use of video analysis to correct and improve my son’s mechanics was very helpful in the whole process and we are seeing wonderful results already. Phil does a great job with keeping it simple yet also applies effective drills that focus on improving specific areas of the pitching delivery. Thank you again!

- Michael - Baseball Dad

Wow Phil, that was great! Mason really enjoyed his Motion Analysis and is working hard to get better at the points you brought out. We showed all our family members and they all agreed that this is a great service you offer! Looking forward to see his future in pitching. Already on the first day we had improvement. Thanks again!

- Mark - Baseball Dad

The Ballistic Pitching Blueprint is Officially Being RETIRED...

LAST CHANCE to Get Lifetime Access Before It Goes Into the Vault!

DOORS CLOSE for good Thursday Night, January 14th @ midnight ET

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It took me years to develop this system, and I know how well it works. I’m so confident that you’ll see the difference within 90 days, that I’m offering a no questions asked refund if you’re not fully satisfied. Just send me a simple email and I'll send you your money back... plus I'll even let you keep the program for life.