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If you get my emails, you’re probably already well aware that pitchers are some of the most amazing athletes in the world… (don’t let some of their physiques fool you)

And the really good ones, the few guys who actually go on to pitch in college and the pros, get there based largely on their ability to do one thing athletically better than the rest…

And it’s not running really fast (If you ever got a chance to see Randy Johnson run the bases, you know sprinting speed isn’t a prerequisite for throwing hard).

It definitely doesn’t hurt… but a necessity for throwing hard? Nope.

But there is one thing that all hard throwing pitchers do better than just about any other athletes…

They know how to rotate well… Sounds simple, right?

It’s not… Professional pitchers are ridiculously powerful and efficient at using their hips and trunk… they understand momentum

Now pitchers aren’t alone in this by any means… you can look at any powerful rotational athletes… hitters, tennis players, hockey players… golfers… Where does their power come from?

For more, you can check out a post from a bit ago: Happy Gilmore Velocity Tips

And it’s something I’ve been working on with guys in our weeknight throwing sessions… getting more power with their hips and trunk, getting more efficient with their movements.

So that’s the quick tip of the day…

Want to throw harder? Learn to rotate better. 

Now for a couple quick announcements…

New Video Added to the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint:

Based on some of my work with my remote coaching clients, I’ve started working in a new throwing progression using a series of modifications of the Power Catapult drill… You’ll find a new video where I explain it all inside the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint.

Weeknight Throwing Program/Pitching Classes:
Weeknight Warriors throwing program will meet at 4pm today… Back to 6pm next week. Has been great seeing guys push each other and already making big strides and moving better. Spots available, Click Here for details.

Remote Coaching Options:
A couple different options if you’re looking for some help maximizing your training this off-season.

1) Complete customization of a program with ongoing coaching: Exactly what you need to do each week with regular check-ins and personalized videos where I walk you through things the way I would if you right here with me.

(med ball drills are great for learning to unlock more power in the hips)
2) Customized program (minus the ongoing coaching): Based on initial motion analysis and phone consultation to assess your needs/goals.

These custom programs are for serious pitchers only. Click here to apply.

That’s all for now. Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,

Phil Rosengren