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So this is something I see a lot…

Pitchers and coaches using perfectly good drills… but performing them in a way that only further ingrains bad habits. Making the pitcher stiff, overly linear, and robbing him of rotational power.

See, that drive to the plate – that powerful move down the mound – is important… But it’s all for naught if you don’t convert that to rotational power at foot plant. It’s why you see the game’s best, the elite of the elite, doing one thing exceptionally well.
[h5]Getting Over and Around Their Front Leg/Hip[/h5]

Because after all… Pitchers are ROTATIONAL Athletes…

Just ask Jake Arietta…

Arrieta HomeRUn
(Estimated roughly 442 ft. MOON-shot…)

arrieta front view
Above gif courtesy of Rob Friedman (aka @PitchingNinja)

He’s got a great DropBox library of pitching mechanics clips – well worth checking out.

Anyway, I could go on… but instead I thought I’d share a video. This one comes straight from the BetterPitching Academy video lessons vault (it’s the paid members-only pitching site where I share what’s working right now with my pitchers). In it you’ll see exactly how I modify two very popular pitching drills to ensure a pitcher maximizes momentum and rotational power.

Yep, I’m giving you a complete sneak peak… because good drills done bad are ruining way too many young pitchers out there… But I won’t be keeping this video up forever.

So do me a favor:

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This video is no longer available – to learn more visit BetterPitchingAcademy.com

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