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Being a good pitcher is about much more than just throwing hard. Velocity definitely helps, but as I’ve mentioned before, having command and locating your pitches can be even more important (especially the higher you go!). And then there’s something else that can make a big difference for you:

The movement on your pitches.

The other day I got an email from a baseball dad asking how he could help his son get more movement on his 2 seamer, and this is the kind of question I get a lot from parents and pitchers. First, you have to ask the question, is movement something that can be taught, or does it just come naturally…

It’s true that some guys will just naturally have more movement on their ball, either based on arm slot, arm action, or even just the size and shape of their hands.

But the good news is you absolutely can develop better movement on your 2 seamer. And I speak from experience here.

Growing up (and really all the way through college) I had a pretty straight fastball. I started getting some movement on my 2-seamer in college, but really it wasn’t until my 2nd year in pro ball, that I got the feel for throwing a 2 seam fastball with good hard sink.

Developing that sink really gave me confidence to be a lot more aggressive in the strike zone with my fastball (this is something Ted Sullivan also talks about in our recent interview – if you missed it, check it out here).

So in answering that dad’s email, I gave him some tips, but really it’s tough to get everything across by email. So I’ve put together this video explaining the 2 seamer, why it moves, and how you can develop better movement on it.

Note: this video discusses advanced concepts intended more for high school and college age pitchers. Some techniques I describe are not things I would advise for Little League pitchers. For young pitchers just learning a 2 seam fastball, I recommend just getting comfortable with the grip and throwing it like your 4 seam fastball.

Also remember: movement is nice and it can make a big difference, but commanding your fastball is job number one! Don’t obsess over getting more movement if you can’t command your fastball down in the zone.
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