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Sooo Mr. Groundhog, what SAY you?

Six more weeks of winter? Sweet…

Not a big shock – I’m looking out my window at more snow piling up as we speak. Snowed in once again…

Starting to FEEL a lot like Groundhog Day around here. Snow, snow… and more snow.

If you’ve ever seen that Bill Murray movie, you know what I mean.

In the movie, his character (Phil, incidentally) is stuck in time, doomed to repeat the same day over and over.

At first, he thinks he’s lost his marbles.

Then he goes on a spree of reckless (and maniacal) behavior without the threat of long-term repercussions.

Fun at first… But running amuck soon gets old…

No purpose, no direction… Hopeless.

He spirals downward…

But then things take a turn.

He starts looking at his day differently.

He starts focusing on the GOOD…

How can he use his crazy circumstances in a POSITIVE way.

Suddenly his daily curse becomes a chance to learn and improve.

To do good. Help others…

He learns to play the piano, sculpt ice, speak french…

He performs the Heimlich on a man who’s choking, he saves a boy falling from a tree.

And in time he just becomes a better all-around person.

Through daily practice and repetition, he turns himself into a NEW man.

If you want to be your BEST as a pitcher (or anything), you can’t just WISH it to happen.

You’ve gotta work at it. Find something you can do TODAY to get better.

As a friend of mine’s father used to say to us as kids:

“Every day is a gift of 1,000 minutes.”

Do you think you can find 5-10 minutes to do something positive?

I talk to my pitchers about this all the time…

Snowed in? Can’t throw? So what?

  • Did you do any mirror work today?
  • At-home Arm Care…
  • Dynamic Balance and Stability drills…
  • Visualization practice or controlled breathing…

You don’t need to step foot outside to do ANY of these. And here’s the thing.

If you’re NOT taking the time to do at least ONE thing today to get better…

You can bet that out there – somewhere – your competition IS.

Keep moving forward… or get left in the dust.

YOU decide.

Okay, time for me to tackle the driveway… duty calls.

Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,


Keep Learning. Keep Growing… Get Better.