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[h5]Interview with former US Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod[/h5]

So in my last article I talked all about the mental game of pitching, specifically things you can do to improve your focus and stay calm and relaxed on the mound. If you missed it, you can check it out here:

The Mental Game of Pitching (Part II): Train Your Brain

In the article I mention how the Navy SEALs have begun using meditation in their training. Well, turns out, mental training has always been a big part of the SEAL program…

The other night I was able to catch up with former Navy SEAL, and founder of SEALgrinderPT.com, Brad McLeod. In this interview, Brad shares some of his lessons on Mental Toughness and what it takes to reach your goals.

[h5]Check out this interview to hear Brad’s lessons on things like:[/h5]

  • Overcoming adversity and pursuing your passion
  • What is Mental Toughness and can it be developed?
  • Mental Training exercises for developing a clear mind
  • Goal setting, and the power of putting it down on paper
  • What it means to be a good teammate

Thanks Brad, it was an honor having you on!

[h5]Brad McLeod[/h5]




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