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Got an interesting call the other day from a baseball dad way out in California.

He was interested in my new program (motionmappingmethod.com) and basically wanted to see if it was a good fit for him and his son.

Anyway, it turns out this dad is a 3D animator… Which I think is pretty cool. When I was a kid, being a cartoonist or animator was basically my dream job. Either that or pro ballplayer… pretty standard, right? No? Oh well, whatever.

Back to my point.

So we’re talking about motion analysis, how most kids don’t know how to really use their lower half, and I was floored by what he said next…

“In 3D animation, the hips are everything.”

I would have never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of the hips… leading with the hips, loading the hips, etc. And here was a guy who basically studies (and recreates) movement for a living saying the hips were everything.

It’s why I always stress how your foundation is so important as a pitcher.

And It really all starts with your feet…

Your feet are your connection to the ground. That’s how you get your center (your hips) moving powerfully down the mound.

It’s why the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint (http://ballisticpitching.com/blueprint-bp) starts with a whole system of drills for developing stability and balance… building up to how you transition from your back foot to your front foot…

And then it’s about learning to use your hips and trunk to transfer that power from your lower half.

Anyway just thought that was interesting… So the next time you watch Shrek, look for those hips.