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In addition to bringing you guys fresh pitching content with my own instructional articles, videos, etc., one of the things I like to do from time to time is share some of the great pitching-related content I’ve been reading lately. And this week there’s been some good stuff… And as you gear up for the off-season – whether you’re a pitcher, coach or parent – I think these articles provide great perspective and give you some important things to get the most out of your training.

[h5]1. The Truth About CC Sabathia’s Weight[/h5]
Eric Cressey is as good as they come – in this piece about one of my former teammates, he does an outstanding job breaking down the Body Mass – Pitching Velocity relationship. Very detailed, with some great insights and factors to consider when assessing your conditioning goals this off-season.

[h5]2. When Should Baseball Players Start Their Offseason Throwing Programs?[/h5]
Mike is one of best in the game when it comes to understanding the unique demands of pitching and balancing the goals of performance enhancement and injury prevention. In this piece he raises some important questions, addressing a timely and extremely important topic.

[h5]3. Why Your Conditioning is Hurting Your Performance on the Mound![/h5]
Josh Heenan is one of the most knowledgable strength & conditioning coaches you’ll find. Plus, he comes from a baseball background and works with a ton of pitchers – he’s my go-to guy here in CT. In this article he does an excellent addressing some key considerations for maximizing the effectiveness of your conditioning.

And finally wanted to highlight a recent one from right here in case you missed it…[h5]28 Ways Pitching Prepares You for Life[/h5]I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on this one, and at over 200 likes and counting it’s been one of my most popular posts yet. Let me know what you think!