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If you’re new to BetterPitching, you’ll find a TON of great info here…. There’s so much, in fact, it might be a little overwhelming – where to begin? So by popular demand (and after putting it off FAR too long) I’ve finally organized things and broken out some of the BEST content by category. From mechanics, to pitch grips, to conditioning and the mental game… Have a look around (and maybe bookmark this page as a resource). Thanks!  – Phil Rosengren



Does A Short Stride Hurt Velocity

The Right Way To Lead With Your Hips

How An Unstable Landing Foot Can Wreck Your Pitching Arm

Why “Safe” Pitching Mechanics Is A Lie

Drop & Drive or Tall & Fall? [Webinar]

The Most Common Arm Action Problem

What Is Good Glove Arm Action, Anyway?

Better Tempo Increases Torque

Power Transfer And The Back Foot

Missing High? Look To Your Front Side

Little League Mechanics vs. Big League Mechanics



Location, Location, Location

Curveball Tip: Two Birds, One Stone

4 Reasons Pitchers Should Learn to Throw a Curveball

One Quick & Easy Trick to Elevate Your Fastball

Get More Movement on Your 2-Seam Fastball

7 Tips for Throwing a Better Changeup

What Playing Basketball Can Teach You about Pitching

Pitch Grips: How Many Pitches Do You Really Need?

Another Way a Curveball Can Make Your Fastball Faster… the Eephus!

Your Arm Slot and Throwing a Good Curveball

Curveball Training and Your Central Nervous System

Doug Fister Shows How to Throw a Big League Curveball

Is That Really a “Knuckle Curve”?



The Mental Game of Pitching (Part I): Self Talk and Developing a Winning Pitcher’s Mindset

Mental Game of Pitching (Part 2): Train Your Brain

Visualization for Success on the Mound

Pitching Principle #1: Balance

5 Steps For  Creating Your Own Momentum

Find Your Pitching “RESET” Button

28 Ways Pitching Prepares You for Life

Chris Archer on Finding Pitching Success

Navy SEAL Lessons for Pitchers



Power Position? How about Power Movements…

Motion Analysis for Fixing Mechanical Flaws

Addressing a Sloppy Glove Arm

Motion Analysis For A 10 Year Old?

Motion Analysis: Tracking A Pitcher’s Progress

7 Big Motion Analysis Blunders

When NOT To Do A Full Motion Analysis

Pitching Mechanics Secrets of a 3D Animator

Secret Writing Tip for Better Pitching Mechanics

Fernando Rodney: Tips for Loading the Hips



3 Tips for Teaching Little League Pitching Mechanics

39 Lessons for Little League Pitchers

Coaching Youth Pitchers: Installment One

Coaching Youth Pitchers: Installment Two

Coaching Youth Pitchers Installment Three: Windup or Stretch?

Praise and Feedback (and Recognizing the EFFORT)

Would You Have Changed Mo’s Mechanics?

How a Hippopotamus SAVED Me (from a lifetime of BAD Pitching instruction)

Improve Arm Action WithOUT Thinking About Your Arm

What’s The Point?



Off-Season Training for Pitchers: Part I

Off-Season Training for Pitchers: Part II

Off-Season Training for Pitchers: Part III

Going into Rocky Mode (off-season pitching workouts)

Do You Need to Be Fast to Throw Hard?

3 Tips for Improving the Pitching Recovery Process

How Crushing a Golf Ball Relates to Your Pitching Velocity

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the… Elbow?

Hip Mobility for Pitchers with Strength Coach Josh Heenan

Arm Health Tips with Dr. Chris McKenzie

Should Pitchers Distance Run? Yes and No…

Power Yoga for Pitchers – Gwen Lawrence Interview

Can You Gain Velocity During the Season?

Should Pitchers Stretch to Increase External Rotation?

Why Does My Son Have Forearm Soreness?

Deliberate Practice: Talent is Overrated

How to Stay Motivated: Know Your “Why”

What if you can’t long toss in the winter?

The Long Toss Debate