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Well, it’s another icey, wintery mess out there today.

(The heat’s back at least!)

Anyway, this morning something hit me as I was salting my driveway…

See, we live on a steep incline… And to get my car out I basically need to drive straight up (approximately 60 ft 6 inches) to get out onto the road.

And when I stepped out my door to see if the rainy/wintery was freezing it didn’t take long before I got an answer.

One small step onto our walk and I practically fell right back on my rear… did a little Bugs Bunny backpedal action just to stay up.

Total sheet of ICE.

“NO WAY I’m getting my car up that driveway,” I thought, and came back inside dejected…

See, the driveway basically backs up to a 5 foot ledge… If I ended up getting stuck, I knew I’d risk sliding all the way back, helplessly, and find myself (and my car) stuck in a ditch.

But I’d been excited to get out early and get working on a BUNCH of things I’ve got going on right now… Goals I’ve set for my week.

Just to name a few…

And if you heard my house this morning, you’d know it’d be pretty tough to get all those things done with a 3 and 4 year old running around.

So after giving the roads a check and deciding they were drive-able, I set out to get up that driveway… knowing it might not work out.

Luckily, I had a full bag of salt on hand (pays to plan ahead).

And I began carefully working my way up the driveway sprinkling the salt around… Lost my footing a few times and almost started a slide straight back to the bottom.

But eventually got it all done. Then I played the waiting game…

After about 5 minutes, I tested it out and knew I was in business.

I could walk from bottom to top without slipping… I got in my car and gave it a go.

Once I cleared the driveway (and breathed a big sigh of relief), the roads were actually fine. And now I can get somewhere to tackle those things on my list and make today productive.

Okay, so here’s the point.

(And this is something I learned from my years pitching and continue to apply today as a coach)

If you want to make your GOALS a reality… You’ve got to stay in motion.

Keep moving forward.

Let it guide you, motivate you.

Let’s say you’re a coach. How much better are your players when they’re motivated?

The problem is, it’s easy to get sidetracked… or get overwhelmed.

If you’re a high school pitcher throwing 78-80 MPH, maybe you have a goal to hit 85 this year (or why stop there, why not 88?)…

But, you might look at that sometimes and think, “eh, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, that’ll never happen.”

And sure… It might not happen tomorrow. But here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow!

But let me ask you this…

Is there SOMETHING you could do TODAY that would make you 1% better? Or even 1/10th of a percent better?

I hope you said YES.

Because if you take that approach, and apply it… It adds up, BIG-time.

It’s something I always emphasize with my Weeknight Warrior pitchers and remote coaching clients.

  • It might be getting in front of the mirror each night and working on their delivery…
  • Or hopping off the couch or taking a 5 minute study break to do their Balance Drills
  • Or maybe it’s 5 minutes of visualization work.

Whatever it is… It’s about staying in MOTION.

You don’t need to make it happen overnight…

Just do something NOW to help you get better.

Keep showing up… every day.

Okay, enough reading. Time to get moving!

Until next time…

Committed to Your Pitching Success,

Coach Phil

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