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So in my post not long ago about Masahiro Tanaka’s loaded hips, I mentioned a follow-up Video Lesson I would be putting together for you… this is that post.

As a lot of coaches and parents have been telling me, it’s one thing to understand the idea of leading with the hips (or staying closed and loaded with your hips)…

[h5]Actually doing it or helping pitchers “get it” is another story[/h5]

Some pitchers are just so programmed to lift and get to a “balance point” or have spent so much time focusing on stepping straight towards the catcher without any regard to staying closed that this just doesn’t come easily.

[h5]So how do you counteract all this old programming?[/h5]

What you need is some new “movement pattern mapping” – or whatever term you want to throw out there for developing the “feel” for a new series of movements. So in this video I go over a simple process for helping pitchers learn the feel for leading with loaded hips in their pitching delivery.

[h4]Tips for Learning the Feel for Leading with Loaded Hips[/h4]

This is just one approach… and depending on your pitching style it might not be for you. But it’s worth trying, and I’ve personally found these steps to be extremely effective with many of my pitchers. Give ’em a try and let me know how you make out!

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