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There’s nothing better than watching a kid fall in LOVE with the game…

If you’re a parent or youth baseball coach you know what I mean.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a budding young pitcher in the making, you’re probably finding yourself in a situation much like I was in not all that long ago…

I remember how scared I was when I first made the transition from pro pitcher to coach/instructor (over 15 years ago now)…

Despite years honing my craft in college and the pros, learning what worked for ME... when the tables turned and it was time to COACH, I found myself thinking:


I don't know about you, but this was my biggest fear starting out... I didn't want to HURT young pitchers by teaching them BAD information.

And if you've done any searching online, you've probably found a lot of conflicting information, not to mention a lot of old, outdated methods that ultimately do more harm than good...

To be blunt, there's a lot of JUNK out there... parents and kids are flat-out getting BAD information. They're being taught to do drills that train the wrong movements...

"Balance point..."
"Get to a T..."

And it's ruining their potential.

And the SADDEST part is by the time these kids fall in LOVE with the game... And they're ready to take it up a notch with their pitching, it's like they have to UN-Learn all the bad habits they were taught when they were starting out...

It's crazy...

At some point, you gotta figure the only way we're ever gonna stop it is to nip it in the bud. Break the bad habits early before they get ingrained...

For example...

Here's what you generally see with most hard-throwing big league pitchers (and pretty similarly with any high-level pitcher from high school on up)... From leg lift to hand break looks something like this...

Now it's interesting... both guys above started out as infielders and likely weren't subjected to the cruel youth pitching drills you'll see below (hmmm...)

Yet you go online and you'll see <stuff> that teaches things like THIS...

I'm sure they're well intentioned... but I'm seriously befuddled as to what these drills are trying to accomplish (aside from completely disrupting the development of good balance and timing).

But they certainly explain why so many kids end up with messed up pitching motions...

Anyway... if you're looking to get your son, or the young pitchers you work, a solid foundation to maximize their potential as they get older, the solution's easier than you might guess...(and as it turns out, getting BETTER is pretty FUN too)

See, as a wise coach of mine once told me:

"The pitching motion is pretty simple...
You've got a forward stride..
A sideways turn...
and a downward tilt."


And there's an easy way to develop these movements into a powerful pitching motion (hint: good drills make good mechanics). I break it all down for you inside the Youth Pitchers Lesson Framework to make working with your young pitchers as easy as 1-2-3. And good news...

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Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn In This Video Program:

  • How To Help Pitchers Throw More Strikes And Increase Consistency
  • An Easy Way To Increase Body Control And Coordination Right In Their Warmup
  • Steps For Getting His Lower Body Into His Pitching Delivery
  • How To Make Positive Mechanical Changes And Get Them To STICK
  • How To Keep Things Simple And Avoid Pitcher Frustration
  • The Exact Mechanical Progression For Building High-Level Mechanics In Young Pitchers
  • Youth Appropriate Pitching Drills For Developing Good Fundamentals
  • How To Overcome Short Attention Spans And Keep Pitchers Moving Forward

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Videos Inside the Youth Pitcher Framework

What Other Coaches and Baseball Parents Are Saying About the Youth Pitcher Framework

"Phil, as a guy who knows less than zero about pitching, you've turned me into someone that can easily spot a flaw in the stride-turn-downward tilt youth mechanics.

And when the kids adjust they perform way better. It's a mini miracle.

As a coach, would I rather send my kids somewhere for a fortune, or lead my own workouts for free? We do our workout on a small sliver of a tennis court once a week. So you don't even need much space. And I know exactly where each guy is and can make my coaching decisions based on that."

-JJ Kirkpatrick

"This is a fantastic introduction to the basics of working with young pitchers - thank you for making it available!"

"This is some great information, well presented and easy to understand. Am excited to share this with my boys/pitching staff :)"

"Best program/instruction I have seen in my many years involved in baseball."

Lantz Wheeler

"There’s very few pitching ‘guys’ out there that I wholeheartedly believe genuinely care about their players, are constantly evolving, open to new ideas and are in this ‘thing’ for the right reasons. But, I can say with 100% certainty that Phil is one of those guys. As we say in college baseball coaching circles, Phil “gets it!” You’ve found an incredible resource - with Phil Rosengren you’re in good hands!"

Lantz Wheeler, BaseballThinkTank
Wayne Mazzoni

"Phil Rosengren is one of the better people in the baseball coaching world today. I’d trust him with any of my pitchers - and also my son!"

Wayne Mazzoni, Sacred Heart University
Gabe Ribas

"There are very few guys I have been around who understand pitching as well as Phil who can also teach complex concepts in a very clear, precise way."

Gabe Ribas, Pitching Coordinator, Los Angeles Dodgers

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